Foxcraft was absolutely exceptional. The staff was incredible. Our entire experience with them was wonderful, and we recommend them as highly as they could be recommended.
Foxcraft’s design guy had great ideas, all of their tradespeople are quite expert and very good, and their carpentry is masterful. I had a complete kitchen remodel and a bathroom remodel that included reorienting the bathroom and closet area to making the bathroom more accessible. I’d give them an A.
Foxcraft created a vast improvement in our home. We had a complicated project—renovating four bathrooms. Two of them were just refinishing the fixtures, but the other two required major changes to the layout. They were scrupulously clean and honest and communicated well. They get an A+ grade, and we’re about to use them on another project.
They had really good communication. When problems came up, they brought them up immediately, and they got them resolved very quickly. They remodeled a small bathroom, finished about half of an unfinished basement, and did a little bit of general rearranging of some rooms. We interviewed them, they seemed to have a good plan, and they could meet our rather aggressive time frame.
We had them do our basement, and it’s gorgeous. Their workmen were very, very pleasant, very professional, and very neat. When they leave, the place is spotless. When they had their tools out, they were careful to block off the work area so the kids wouldn’t get into anything. They were very, very respectful of the fact that they were in our house. They treated my home like it was their home.
They do excellent work. We’re very pleased with everything they’ve done. I would absolutely recommend Foxcraft to other people.
We did simultaneous renovations on this house, a house in Seattle, a house in Honolulu, and a house in San Francisco. Of the four projects, the Foxcraft project is the only one where I really would have loved to ship the crew over to all our other sites, because they were so good. They’ve done a lot of different projects for us, and they’ve done everything so well.
They were excellent. I thought they were more thoughtful than most contractors. You could actually talk to them and they came up with some very good ideas. I couldn’t be more pleased with Foxcraft.
We had the kitchen and some exterior work done. They were outstanding. I would use them again or recommend them.
They’re great, and I liked the work they did. They did very professional work, and they’re very thorough, very responsive. I was very pleased with them. I’ve used them more than once as a result. They did a major renovation for me, and the house they did the renovations in I eventually sold. They helped to get it ready for market. The first time they came in, they renovated our attic. It was unfinished. They redid the kitchen, and then they made major renovations to the family room. We lived in a very old house, built in 1910, and as a result they did a lot of repair work that was uncovered when they started to do the renovation work. And in the second renovation they came in and put in air conditioning for us. I absolutely would use them again, and I have recommended them to other people before.
They were responsible and courteous, and they were on time. They delivered what they promised, and they were always really forthcoming. If they could do something, they would tell me, and if they couldn’t do something, they would tell me. They actually worked with me during the creative process, which was also great. They tried to understand the clients, rather than just try to sell the product.
They completely remodeled our basement, including two bathrooms, bedrooms, our movie rooms, our club room, and our wine area and kitchen.
Foxcraft remodeled three bathrooms in my thirty-year-old town house. Then, I looked around the house and decided that some of the rest of it looked tawdry, so I hired them again. They are experts. A lot of home remodelers just do cosmetic things and don’t necessarily have the same level of expertise that Foxcraft does. They’re an A.
The last time I worked with them was back in October or November last year. They helped us redesign and upgrade three-and-a-half bathrooms in our house. That includes plumbing fixtures, some vanities, a lot of new granite countertops, lighting, pretty much all of that. We didn’t do any major remodeling, pulling out tile or anything like that. They also did at the same time one other thing, which was sort of a major project. We have a basement that doesn’t have a walkout, doesn’t have a door, and we had one room that we wanted to use as a bedroom. So they expanded one of those little windows into a large enough window to pass the inspection. It has an exit with a little ladder so you can get out. That was fairly major construction in terms of cutting a hole in the basement wall and putting it all in. That was the second part of that project. We’re very, very satisfied with everything they did. I would absolutely use them again. This is the third time we’ve used them. I would recommend them to somebody else.
They were good. We’d gotten a referral from someone that had used them before. I’d use them again.
Everything went just excellently. They were very responsible, caring, and considerate. They always made sure that I knew what was going on and what was going to happen. They cleaned up after themselves really well and did an excellent job restoring the space. I’d give them an A+.
Foxcraft has done lots of projects for me over the years. They’re great. Recently they added on a sunroom for me and renovated my kitchen. They did an excellent job.
Foxcraft built an addition on my house—a brand-new kitchen, an eating area, and a deck—and then they converted the living room into a dining room, so it was a major job. The work was excellent. They’re very good—very reliable. We recommend them very highly.
They were outstanding. What made them outstanding was that the design was superb. They gave us a lot of flexibility in the design, and they explained what each version would do and why it would be beneficial, which made it really easy for us to pick what we wanted to do.
A while ago, we were thinking about things that we wanted to do, so we sat down with Foxcraft. We were pleased; they seemed to be very good. They did a very good job when they were here. They gave us the right information and spent a couple of hours with us. We were pleased.
What we had built was a walkway for handicapped purposes that went from the house to the street. I thought they were excellent and very efficient. They did a really fine job.
They replaced two sliding glass doors and a large majority of the exterior trim. I was satisfied; they did a good job for me. They were here when they said they were going to be here, and they took the weather into consideration before they started anything. They did a really nice job and were polite and courteous to me.
We use them for construction. They built a sunroom for me and refinished a junk room.
The major project was about two years ago, but they’re constantly helping me with projects that are ongoing. I’m very happy with the work they do. I would recommend them to other people.
I was very happy with Foxcraft’s services. What I really appreciated was they were flexible in my schedule, and they were also able to do some things, add on things that I added to the list that weren’t part of the original contract. Ultimately, they did the basement and the kitchen and some bathroom work and some attic work.
They did a number of projects for me. I was extremely satisfied. I think their workmen are very good, and the owners are very responsive. I would absolutely recommend them.
Foxcraft did a full remodel of our first floor and a new kitchen. They did a good job for me. I was pleased with the work that they did. The technicians and workers that came out were very good, and I would use them again.
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