Brief Summary

Built-ins add warmth, interest and organization to any room while utilizing all available storage space.  Note this beautiful but small “Private Library” and think of the mementos you want to display.  With enclosed cabinets below and open shelves above, everything is easily accessible.

Or consider “Everything in its Place” with storage below and a television as the centerpiece.  Maybe you need a “Command Central,” an area to organize and manage children’s schedules, pay household bills and hang the keys.  We all have framed family photographs.  Why not display them in a built-in cabinet?  As the doors slide open on this “Entertainment Center,” they reveal the television screen.  When you close the doors, the TV is hidden and you see the family photographs…

Consider a “Partner’s Desk,” an area where two can sit and work comfortably: separate but together.  Look at the “Gothic Sideboard” – a little area in the dining room where you can store family treasures.  At less than five feet wide and with arched glass doors, this is truly an elegant piece.  Or maybe you just need to hide children’s toys on each side of the fireplace, or put away a few books and photographs, as in “Hidden Storage.” Retractable doors allow for a “Hidden Desk” to completely disappear.  Note how the stone on the fireplace is enhanced by windows on either side of the “Cottage Comfort.”  Or, if you’re bold with color, try this children’s “Homework Station” with a work and play peninsula.  Any space that can host a built in will grant you the pleasure of efficiency and organization.

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